Designing wall with printable art will give a touch of simplicity but modern. This summer, you can try printable wall art for your wall decor without break up your design. Bring more colors for your room by this simple idea with fabulous effects. Check out these ideas further;

For you who live in apartment, condominium, or in a place with warm weather, it may be hard to create fireplace. However, you may adore fireplace for your living room. The best solution is creating faux fireplace. It will not give you dust. Moreover, you gain wonderful interior design. Check out these ideas to inspire you!

Are your old shoes already broken? Don’t throw them away! Using old shoes for planters is great decision. With this idea, you will gain a unique and personal garden look. Just find out some old shoes that will not worn anymore and repurpose them as flower planters. Check out these ideas;

Garage is a place for your vehicles. To have a tidy garage look, it will be better for us to build overhead garage storage. It keeps the room clean and neat without break up the space. With mounted on ceiling, this storage help you to save boxes, bikes, and more. Check out these ideas to inspire you;

Repurpose old piano for other functional items help you to have new furniture items with little price or even no budget. You may take more time to do the project. Made from wood, piano can be fit to any room decoration. So, don’t throw away your old piano. Or if you don’t have it, go to garage sale! See these following ideas to copy!

Great lighting will create comfy bathroom. Put the light at the wrong spot will give you shadows. Choose the wrong bulb also will cause annoying design. For the one who love luxurious touch, use chandelier as bathroom lighting is nice. See these ideas;

This winter you will get warmer home without spending much money. Crete DIY faux fur home items also will not take much time. Faux fur is soft and comfy to be used for covering your old pieces or you can create it for wall decor too.

Most people love green. Green is the color of freshness, nature, and spirit. When you apply that color for your living room, it will boost your mood every day. It will be fit to combine with other colors too. Add pops of green through pillows, bench, sofa, chair, or curtain will refresh your living space look.

Red is the color of sensuous, exciting, and or invigorating. Painting a room with red is aimed to get warmth. So, it boosts your mood to gain passion. Red bedroom can be seen through the accents, bedding, cabinet, or wall color. Whether for classic or contemporary feels, red color will work well for all. Check out these ideas further!

Bathroom storage is important to store your stuffs, included towels. You don’t need to install a cabinet if there is no more space. Just create open shelves. Then, save your towels there. It can be in a term of wall-mounted shelves, built-in shelves, and or floating shelves. Check out these ideas to inspire you!