I am pretty sure that you are very busy decorating your living room, hallway, front door and also present for Christmas. But, one thing for sure, you cannot forget to decorate your kitchen. Because, kitchen is the place where a mom prepare for the foods and family spend their time and chit chat while eating the most delicious food ever served by mom.

If you have an ordinary small kitchen, better for you to style your kitchen with efficient lighting ideas. Lighting in your kitchen is a good idea to update and transform your ordinary small kitchen into the sophisticated small kitchen. Lighting creates make a statement, enhance your quality of existing design, and brighten up your kitchen. Those impressive effects of lighting will not cost you a fortune. Here it is the Efficient and Stylish Lighting Ideas For Small Kitchen.

Purple is often connected with wealth, peace, independence, luxury and power. The function of living room as the heart of your home needs to be completed with the color of purple. This color will boost the power of family togetherness with peace and worthy. For your guest is also cannot be better as purple living room to give spirit atmosphere to your visitors.

it may be quite bored having a home with only one color. But, it is also not as easy as clapping hands in choosing the color combinations for our home which also fit to every space around. We are better when we have already considered how the way the space of our home look and feel. Whether, it is for casual, soothing, energizing style or etc. That consideration will help us in choosing the color combination for our home. Therefore, here in about-ruth.com present the example of fabulous color combination for every space in your home that you can copy

Wall decor gives much impact to a room. Sometimes, you will feel bored with monotonous room decoration. The redecorate wall will upgrade it up. It doesn’t have to apply expensive wall accents, you can improve the walls with simple touches. Some people add wallpaper, hang an artistic painting, and other elements. Check out these ideas;

Whenever we hear about rustic style, it will deal with woods and stones. Conversely, modern style comes with sleek and neat tile materials. What about combining them in a kitchen? How does it look? Nothing but awesome design seen from the combination of rustic and modern elements at these following kitchen. Scroll down and find more inspiring ideas!

We can not deny that outdoors give much impact on our home decoration. Usually, it is done with a patio that made of stones or paving slab of concrete. Nowadays people are more creative in building a patio. They use timber to attain a modern and contemporary look. It added with various plants as well.

Nowadays, modern courtyards may already common anywhere. However, having a traditional courtyard sometimes will look timeless. There are some additional elements to have a comfy courtyard like fountains, furniture, or other related features. So, for you are looking for traditional courtyard designs, keep scroll down further!

Having a large front yard is wonderful blessing that not everyone has it. Then, if you are that lucky, you should make a good landscape design to have a stunning front yard. Nowadays, modern landscapes are huge trend that can be followed. However, you need to consider your budget. Check out these ideas below!

Choosing the right color of paint for your home isn’t an easy thing. Then, somehow choosing paint colors can be a daunting and frustrating process when there are so many shades to choose. When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue and green really shine. Each of these shades can do something different for the room, but they all help create a warm and a welcoming space. Kitchen is the space where families bond over breakfast conversations, hostesses stun guests with carefully executed spreads, mothers get the inspiration for the menu and children learn cooking tips from their grandparents. With all the time we spent in the kitchen, it actually deserves to be absolutely stunning. Here we present you the Ever-Lasting Most Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors.