Stylish diy paracord bottle holder ideas 41
Stylish diy paracord bottle holder ideas 41

63 Stylish DIY Paracord Bottle Holder Ideas

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Parachute cord or paracord was invented by the military during the world war 2. It is made with nylon which won’t mold or mold. That it’s why paracord is so durable, virtually indestructible and washable. Paracord is a super versatile tool and is now extremely popular with campers, hunters, craft lovers, and survivalist.

Do you know that we can make many creative DIY projects using paracord? For example, you can make a decorative coasters, macrame plant hangers, or even a bottle holder that is so popular nowadays. If you want to give your bottle stylish, check out these 63 DIY paracord bottle holder ideas below. Get ready to make it on your own and prove yourself that paracord can be a great decoration to your bottle.

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