Unique and affordable diy shelves on wall ideas 89
Unique and affordable diy shelves on wall ideas 89

55 Unique and Affordable DIY Shelves on Wall Ideas

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What do you do with that blank wall that stares you down and begs you to decorate it? Perhaps you have plenty of things to hang up whether they be photographs, framed certificates, or your kiddo’s art creations, but want to display these keepsakes a little differently. Shelves are great, but sometimes they can appear bulky and maybe even a little dated in design. Before you throw out the whole idea of shelving though, consider some DIY floating shelf ideas!

DIY crafting is one thing, but wall installations are an entirely different level of OMG, not happening. Here you can find 55 Unique DIY Wall Shelves Ideas that affordable and easy to make. Don’t stress about handling a drill or hammer, because these DIY wall shelves are so easy, anyone can tackle them. Get ready to gain all the storage potential, you’ll find something you love on this list.

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