Diy snow white costume 52
Diy snow white costume 52

52 Easy and Cute DIY Snow White Costume Ideas for this Fall

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In the fall, the party costume always becomes the center of attention for every people. When a costume party is held, someone will wear the costume according to what they want. Usually, fall costumes are creepy costumes like ghosts or monsters, but there’s nothing wrong when you want to wear amazing costumes like in a fairy tale. Many people are inspired by fairy tales like Snow White because she looks beautiful, cute and adorable. Therefore, many people use this costume as a costume at the fall party. You can rent the costume in a costume rental, but it’s expensive. So, from now you have to try new things by making your own Snow White costume that you will wear when the fall party is held.

In making a Snow White costume, first, you must prepare the design. The design will be your direction in making a costume. If the design is done, then the next step is you go to the fabric store to buy the fabrics needed to make this costume. Choose comfortable fabric easy to sew. Usually, Snow White is dominated by blue and yellow. But if you want something different, you can use other colors that are no less good. Don’t forget to buy the necessary sewing equipment and accessories. Then, draw a pattern on the fabric according to the size of someone who will use it and if you have finished drawing, then you have to cut out the pattern that you have made. When everything is ready, you can then start sewing the patterns you have cut. Don’t forget to sew neatly so that the costume you make looks really amazing. Like some pictures below, it shows how cute Snow White costume that you must try to make now. Let’s see and choose your favorite!


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