Reuse 5 gallon bucket 19
Reuse 5 gallon bucket 19

72 Creative Ways to Reuse Used Bucket become Functional Items

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If you have a lot of used items at home, don’t throw it away. But collect items that are still worth changing to useful items. With creativity and patience, used items that we usually dispose can be turn into items that are useful and helpful for everyday needs. There are lots of used items that can be converted into functional items, such as bottles, paper, buckets, milk cans, food containers and other. One item that is easily converted into a useful item is a bucket. Bucket is an item that everyone has, of course. Surely you will have a bucket that has not been used because it has broken or leaked. And then, you will definitely throw it away. But, from now please don’t immediately throw the bucket because you can turn it into fantastic items that have usability.

With the shape of a bucket, you can easily change the bucket into new items such as flower pots, laundry baskets, storage areas, seats and other. Actually the way to make it is just easy because the bucket already has a functional shape. If you want to reuse the used bucket to use as a flower pot, it will be easier because you only need to decorate the used bucket. You can buy paint then repaint the bucket so that it will look like new again. Interesting item that can be made from used buckets is storage. You can use this storage to store items such as balls, plantation tools, utensils, umbrellas and others. Start design the used bucket into a cute and interesting place to store. So, people won’t know that the storage you made is only from used buckets that you no longer use. Like some pictures below, we show some items from reuse used bucket that you can try. Let’s see it!



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