Diy valentines day cards handmade 70
Diy valentines day cards handmade 70

70 Cute DIY Valentines Day Cards Handmade Ideas

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When February comes, everyone gets ready for their Valentine’s Day. The 14th of February are declared as a special day since everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day as a day to show their care, love, affection toward family, friends, lover, and people surround. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day by doing some activities like having a dinner, dating, making a party, giving gifts, or sending a Valentine’s Day cards. All those activities are exciting since we can share love toward others. But, there is something interesting from Valentine’s Day. It is because we can customize our Valentine’s Day card as we desire to make someone we love gets amazed and feel so much love we give to him. Thus, you can make your own Valentine’s Day cards instead of buying from the store. You are possible to decide the design, color, and quotes so that it is satisfying.

To make a Valentine’s Day card, you just need a little creativity and you are free to use any material you have on hand. Just believe that your handmade Valentine’s Day card is the sweetest way to express your love. As Valentine’s Day is usually identic with pink, red, and white, you can prepare paper with those colors and have scissors, glue, pencil colors, ribbons, and some glitters if possible. The simplest idea is by drawing some heart shapes on your cards, put pinkish red, pink and bold red color for them. You can write¬†Will you be my Valentine? to make your girl surprised. You can give the card with a bunch of red roses. The next idea is by sticking red and pink heart shapes on your card. Put them by turns to make an interesting design. To make them more glamorous, you can apply glitters on it. As heart shapes are our mission in this handmade Valentine’s Cay card, you can explore your ability to design it well. Well, another idea is using ribbon. You can have pink ribbon and two colors of some heart shapes (red and pink) from the smallest to the biggest. Stick the heart shapes and arrange them from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa with glue. Then complete your card with pink ribbon. Get the idea of making hot air ballon card as well by make a 3D air ballons from paper and stick them on your card. Fon’t forget to write down you compliment for your girl. To give you some examples, just scroll down this page to find out the other amazing creative DIY Valentine’s Day cards.¬†

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