85 Cool and Amazing DIY Curtains for Closet Door Ideas

Conventional room dividers can be quite pricey. Of course you may replace doors with curtains!

Curtain may be the alternate choice to think about when you feel that having the closet door isn’t a good option since it will be quite expensive and it’ll need increased budget. Speaking of options, you have a great deal of others which will help you maintain your house smelling fresh.

Cool and amazing diy closet door curtains ideas 23

In a house, there will definitely be a closet there. Closet isn’t only used to store your clothes, but also stores some collections and equipment such as books, shoes, bags, accessories, and so on. Today, there is an attractive wardrobe design, which is a windowless cabinet. With this door less closet, you can directly choose the item you want without having to open the door. And instead of the door, you can use the curtains there. Curtains are a trivial thing but sometimes it makes someone feels confused in choosing it. What’s more in the shop curtains have provided curtains with a variety of good models and attractive colors. Actually, in choosing the curtain for the closet door. The thing you really have to do is choose the model, material, color and motif you want.

The first is the model, the model choice is very important because the model will affect the appearance of the room. Then, materials, materials are usually confusing when choosing. However, you can choose curtains that aren’t too thick because it will make difficult for you to open your closet. Next is the color, actually color can be adjusted to the theme of the room. So, you only need to adjust the color that matches with the room theme. The last is the motive, surely you will be dizzy when you want to choose curtains with motifs because now there are many curtains with various good motives. If the walls of your room are full of decorative motifs such as patterned wallpapers or stickers, then it’s better to choose plain curtains. However, if the room is plain colored, the patterned curtains are very suitable to be chosen. The 4 things above will affect the appearance of a room, so as an inspiration, check the pictures below that you can choose as curtains for closet door in your house.


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