29 Amazing DIY Throw Pillow Ideas for Your Living Room

Throw pillows are simple to make yourself, even when you are a newcomer to sewing. You’re able to trim the excess fabric, but I didn’t bother. It is also possible to use printed quilting fabrics for a simple means to earn your pillows more interesting.

Amazing diy throw pillow ideas for your living room 14

Living room is an important room in home. This space is used to receive guests visiting your home. So, with this important function, you must maximize the appearance of living room so that someone who visits your home will be amazed by the living room decoration. One of the furniture that must be in the living room is a sofa. Sofa will obviously be used as your seat, so you have to choose a sofa with good quality, strong and comfortable. Sofa will not be complete without the pillow present there. This pillow is not for sleeping, but for sofa accessories or often called a throw pillow. Usually when you buy a sofa, the seller will provide a pillow throw too. But, sometimes the pillow has bad quality. So, making your own throw pillow in your living room is something you must try.

Throw pillow is a pillow that is used as a pillow accessory. So, if you have free time, use your free time to make your own throw pillow. The method is very easy and doesn’t require much time if you already have sewing skills. The first thing you have to do is think about the color and type of fabric you want to use. Before choosing it, you have to adjust some room decorations that are in the living room. And for the fabric, choose a fabric that is soft and easily sewn, don’t forget to buy fabric with a cute picture or motif as a pillow case. Then, prepare a sewing tool and start making your own cute pillow throw. Because you make it yourself, you can do experiment with making a throw pillow as you want. You will feel happier and also satisfied with the pillow throw you have made. Below we present some pictures of throw pillow ideas for your living room that can be your inspiration. Let’s see it!


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