Stylish diy personalized tote bags you will love 10
Stylish diy personalized tote bags you will love 10

30 Stylish DIY Personalized Tote Bags You Will Love

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It is very exciting to talk about fashion. There are hundreds ideas to share about it. In a broader world of fashion, now we are going to talk about bags, especially tote bag. As the main idea of tote bag is has simple design which make it popular since years ago. What makes is more interesting is that it is very helpful to carry your books to go to school, baby diapers, lunch box, as the container of your groceries when you go to market, or you can have more formal shape of a tote bag that suitable to bring it at formal event. A tote bag can easy handled by anyone at any ages, children, teens, and youth. Even, they can make a personalized tote bag based on what they need and want. The, why don’t we try to make it by ourselves to get our desired tote bag?

First of all, the technique of personalizing a tote bag is by spraying or dyeing. Just don’t let your tote bag in plain. You can spray or dye it with the pattern you may add, you may love. Sketch the design that you want, then cover the areas that you do not want to dye with paper, then start spraying your tote bag. Second technique is applying stamps. Stamps work well if you use them to create your favorite quotes on your totes. The next is by painting on your totes with your favorite shape, character, letter, or view.  For examole, you can paint your name, or your initial name and give it a ribbon to beautify its look. A neon color completed with glitters will make your paintings more perfect and eye cathing. Why don’t you think the easiest pattern like stripes or polka dots? You can have dye or paint technique to got it as we discussed above. It is allowed for you to explore and express yourself by representing your character into the design of your tote bags. Just be creative!

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