60 Cozy Whitewashed Floors Decor Ideas

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Cozy whitewashed floors decor ideas 49

Most of people choose white as their house color. This general color dominated building in many era before many colors appear. In addition to making the room brighter, white also makes the room have a wider impression. The white color also gives the impression of calm in every corner of your room. Another impression that might be caused by white is to make your home look minimalist. Presents bright and wider shades of white to become the favorite color for almost all families. With white, your home furniture will also look classy. White also makes your home and its contents stand out more. The most important thing is, you will easily combine with any color furniture with white floor and wall base colors.

Choosing flooring that’s appropriate, durable and lovely in appearance is a significant decision. Whitewashed wooden floors makes an exceptional appearance and feel in any environment. Whitewashed wooden floor makes your room vintage and natural. With your wooden floor it will also be safer because wood floors tend not to be slippery and comfortable to step on so that you will comfortably carry out activities on it. Judging from aesthetic value, Wooden floors is considered to have a high aesthetic value so it has become a favorite floor lately in beautifying the house. The natural impression created from the wooden floor has a higher and more attractive aesthetic value and visual outlook. Aside from the beautiful room with wooden floors it would be amazing. In fact the wooden floor makes the occupants of the house more comfortable, because the nature of wood that warms up at night and cools during hot weather.

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