40 Amazing DIY of Wooden Crate Shelves

You might also utilize spray paint. There are a number of kinds of hard woods and the budget will vary based on the species of wood.

Amazing diy wooden crate shelves ideas 02

One thing that must-have in the house is storage. Storage has a very high function value because the presence of it will make easier for you to put down and look for something. Not only that, the storage will also make your house look neat because there will be no items scattered inside your house. The usual storage place for everyone is shelves. Opened shelves will look very artistic with some collections of items that you arrange neatly there. Wooden shelves are a favorite of many people. Wood is a strong material and can also give a warm impression to a room. Not only that, the appearance of wooden shelves will look more elegant than using other materials. There are many designs of shelves that you can buy or choose as the best storage in your home. But one of the highlights is wooden crate shelves.

Wooden Crate Shelves is one of the shelves that you can easily make. If you already have a crate, that is profitable because you only need to renovate it by painting. You can attach the wooden crate to the empty wall in your house. Besides being a place to store items such as books, it can also be a very beautiful and attractive room decoration. If you have a large crate, you can put it in your kitchen so you can use it to store plates, glasses or other tableware. Actually. The presence of wooden crate shelves will also create a rustic style in a room with the simplicity of wood there. So that your home decor will look more amazing with wooden crate shelves there. Not only that, art elements will also appear with the presence of this wooden crate shelves. Like some pictures below, it shows wooden crate shelves that you must make as the best storage in your home. Let’s see and choose your favorite!

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