40 Exposed Concrete Walls Inspiration Ideas

Attempt to prevent cutting grass when it’s wet. The paper needs to be taped together and the tape shouldn’t be placed on the concrete floor for virtually any reason. You will start by deciding what diameter you would like your fire pit to be.

Exposed concrete walls inspiration ideas 28

Concrete walls are mostly used in house building, and it is practically available everywhere around the house. If the walls are usually painted, can its raw form be used as a part of interior design? Of course, why not? Let’s take a closer look at the pictures of 40 exposed concrete walls inspiration ideas below.

Exposed concrete walls easily gives you an industrial room to your room. Moreover, the presence of exposed concrete wall is already unique without having to complement it with a striking wall art. Utilizing exposed concrete walls, then, involves the creation of its texture. The wall can become a lovely background with its plain smooth look, or glossy look with paint blotches, or with an added wrinkle texture of the wall.

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