Cute creative diy wall clock ideas for kids room 19
Cute creative diy wall clock ideas for kids room 19

36 Cute Creative DIY Wall Clock Ideas for Kids Room

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Tick tock tick tock, is your clock look cool and unique? Life is so much more fun when you have a cool clock. Wall clock is the perfect decoration for any room because its double function, as timer and decoration as well. Regarding to those facts, having wall clock in your kids room will bring more joy to the kids and they can join the making process too.
You can make a clock by using bunch of your child’s photos; arrange them around the clock machine and put them on the wall, the kids will admire the clock while seeing their pictures. You can invite them to paint their own clock, it does not always be a painting one but can be done by sticking some pictures they like. Use the color and shape your kids like, for example flowers, animals, etc. The kids will absolutely fall in love with the clock ideas.


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