48 Genius Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

Genius rental apartment decorating ideas (19)

Having a small apartment is a test to train our ingenuity and creativity. At the decorative level, this is a real challenge focused on maximizing the available space, not only on our functional needs, but also aesthetically. The idea is how space is organized and able to create an attractive and friendly atmosphere. If the space is not as large as we want, betting on custom furniture will give you the opportunity not to waste even one corner. A cupboard as you see in the picture, taking advantage of the overall surface of the wall and adapted to the tendency of the ceiling, is a very practical storage solution for a small apartment. Not only the size but also the shape of your furniture will help you maximize your room. Creative ideas that you can transfer to your interior are cabinets with matching colors to the color of the walls.

The bedroom whose decor must be in accordance with our needs to relax and unwind. If you have a small apartment, a good way to integrate support for your technology is to put your closet space into a cupboard location so you can see your favorite programs without getting out of bed. Spatial limitations on the surface are not a problem when you have a high ceiling. Use it to make mezzanines or anything similar, whose function is as extra space to include cabinets, shelves and the like. Taking into account that current construction tends to reduce space, it is not surprising that one of the things that deserves thumbs up is the idea of ​​designers and interior owners about open concepts. Kitchen, living room, and dining room in one open space. Apart from offering the perfect setting to let the imagination fly at a decorative level, the wall can be a collection of surprises. In this small bathroom, a practical closet hides behind one wall, offering a very original storage solution.


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