45 Wonderful Edible Plants Ideas To Enhance Your Backyard Garden

Wonderful edible plants ideas to enhance your backyard garden (27)

There are some advantages of having a large backyard. We can do lots of activities there and make it more valuable by setting it with planting many kinds of plants and trees. Some of us use their backyard as playground for their children. But, some make it as a patio to spend spare time there and enjoy the yard view.

The smart idea of taking advantages from the backyard is making it a backyard garden to plant some edible plants. This idea will enhance the value of the backyard. The garden with edible plants is the first health source of a family. No matter how large our backyard garden is, but making it more useful is such a creative idea. Fruits and vegetables are the easy examples of edible plants. But, first of all we should identify whether the edible plants we have will deserve other elements of our garden or not. Like vines, we should pay attention more to them since they are able to grow faster and spread out. The examples of this kind of vines are melon, watermelon, cucumber, marrow squash, grapes, tomato, and many more. This, we had better to maintain them regularly. Provide boards or sticks to vine seems a good idea. On the other hands, we can plant some edible plants directly on land. This idea is especially applied for plants like orange, pomegranate, guava, coconut, banana, pineapple, eggplant, and so on. Furthermore, it is possible to plant in pots or polybags. The examples of plants that can be planted in pots or polybags are chili, lettuce, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, celery, lemon, etc. Make sure to have a good drainage so that we get easily to water our plants. Manage well every plants that we have so that they do not shade each other. Cut the high trees routinely to avoid lack of sunlight. Then, the most important we must do is weeding the grass and weeds in order to not disturb the growth of our edible plants. Give organic fertilizer is better than the chemical ones. A clean backyard garden, a healthy family then. To get more inspirations, we provide some designs of backyard garden with edible plants below. Enjoy!


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