Top cozy small laundry room design ideas (19)
Top cozy small laundry room design ideas (19)

47 Top Cozy Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

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A laundry room is a vital room for our house. As a kitchen and other rooms, the cleanliness is the big deal to concern. A laundry room also need a good ventilation, lighting, and drainage to make everything goes well. But, what about having a small laundry room? Can we fulfill all the requirements to have a cozy laundry room?

There are some tricks to make a small laundry room becomes as cozy as possible. We should have a skill of conjuring a small space becomes bigger by applying tricky ideas. Maximizing minimal space is such a challenge for us. Well, there are some tricky ideas to make our small laundry room more comfortable. First, make storage for laundry supplies so that the dirty supplies are managed well. Storage for detergent, soap, or brushes is important too. We can make floating shelves on one corners to put them properly. If we still have enough space, it is better for us to add furniture like cabinet or wall storage cabinet to store our cleaning supplies. Moreover, if we have an old bookshelf, we can use it as the storage since it fits perfectly in the space and provides some much-needed storage space. The next idea is hanging a drying rack from the ceiling. If we hand-wash a lot of our clothing or have delicate items that we don’t put in the dryer, a hanging rack is a smart investment for us. Then, use a pedestal drawer under our washer or drier is useful as it can be our nearest storage for amount of detergent, dryer sheets and other laundry supplies. Another overlooked storage spot is the back of the doors in your laundry room. Add a rack from iron and manage well everything such as the laundry supplies. Don’t put some useless furniture like tables or chairs if they are not really needed. These are some tricky ideas to take in making a cozy laundry room. The small space does not really become a matter as long as we know how to manage the minimal space. Well, look at these smart ideas below to upgrade your laundry room. Enjoy!


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