42 Stunning Farmhouse Style Cottage Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Stunning farmhouse style cottage kitchen cabinets ideas (20)

Are you the one who are dreaming of cozy quiet house? A farmhouse cottage can be your reference. The concept of farmhouse which uses coziness and relaxed ambiance will hypnotize you then. Though the design is simple but it gives elegance and makes everyone who see it call in love.

As a plus point of a cottage, the design of the kitchen must be considered. The simplicity is the first, but you may modify it into modern and stunning kitchen as you want. Like a kitchen at home, kitchen in a farmhouse cottage also needs cabinets to complete the storage. The main material of a farmhouse cottage is wood. It is applied for the furniture and some other elements to give warmth impression. A farmhouse kitchen has classic theme and calm colored cabinet. Beige, natural brown wood, white, tosca, and soft blue are commonly used colors. These colors give soft yet modern touch for the kitchen. Besides, they create the impression of clean and comfortable. Kitchen cabinets has important functions, such storages and as the aesthetic point of the kitchen. Various designs and colors of the cabinets give beauty and warmth. To support farmhouse kitchen in a cottage, you can install sliding barn door that will enhance the classy impression for the kitchen. Moreover, wooden cabinets are more function. They are modern and economical for the person who loves a beautiful, budget-friendly kitchen. Another idea of farmhouse kitchen cabinet is country blue and white linen cabinet curtain. Instead of cabinets, add open shelves for easy retrieval of glasses and plates. Add country skirt across your lower cabinets to hide less functional cabinets and to add a little touch to your kitchen. Your cabinet theme and color does not always in line with your kitchen. You can add a unique look to your kitchen by installing a wood sink stand with a stunner of a sink. Get some references of farmhouse cottage kitchen cabinet from the following pictures. Hope they will inspire you to make new kitchen or upgrade the old one.


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