46 Beautiful Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Indoor Plant

Beautiful bathroom decorating ideas with indoor plant (38)

Some of us may think that decorating a bathroom is as usual as decorating other rooms at home. But, some also think that a bathroom does not need to be decorated since we can’t move the bath tub, sink, and shower. So, how could we have a well decorated bathroom then?

The answer is just simple. The idea of giving natural touch will be interesting enough to apply. Putting indoor plants is the best idea to live up our bathroom. They will make our bathroom more beautiful,more elegant, and fresher. One thing we should remember is that we have to clean our bathroom and cut the plants regularly and routinely. Choose the indoor plants which have low maintenance so that we do not spend much time and money to take care of them. There are some indoor plants we can use. Aloe vera is the first easy example. This plant can be found easily around us. The price of aloe vera tends to be cheap as well. Aloe vera is easy adaptable with bathroom humidity. It does not need to be watered everyday. But, it needs some sunlight. So, we just need to put it near the window to get more sunlight. The next plants is Boston Fern. This kind of fern also similar with aloe vera. It does not need much water and is adaptable with bathroom humidity. We can simply put it in a pot on the floor or hang it with a basket. Chinese evergreen is another kind of indoor plants we can take. It helps us a lot in making our bathroom looks fresh greenish. The next exciting indoor plant people mostly use is cactus. Its shapes which are unique make us interested to take it as indoor plant in the bathroom. We can take some cacti in pots with small unique size since we do not need to water them as much as any other indoor plants. Besides, flowery indoor plants like orchid and lilies are suitable to take as well. They will totally make our bathroom beautiful and add the coziness of our bathroom. No matter what theme and style our bathroom is, adding natural touches by putting indoor plants will be interesting to reach fresh ambiance so it affects to the mood of anyone who uses our bathroom. There are some examples of indoor plants placed in the bathroom. Check them out!


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