49 Ways To Make A Beautiful Home With Flowers On Window Sills Ideas

Ways to make a beautiful home with flowers on window sills ideas (35)

Green plants and flowers can make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful and refreshing. Not only beautiful visuals, but the presence of them can also improve air circulation in the house. Moving plants and flowers in pots and putting them in the house is clearly impossible because the room becomes narrow. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a super small garden at home. The window sills area can be one of your goals for making a small garden.

There are many advantages to decorating window sills with plants and flowers, the most important part is the appearance of the window will look more beautiful and unsightly. In addition, the plant will also bring an impression of fresher and brighter but still cool. Especially if the plants used can produce blooms shapes and very striking colors. The way to decorate plants on a window sills is to place the plants in the pot and place them on there. If the sills at the bottom, add a wooden mat that is the same color as the other sills and hang it on your window. Plants in large pots can be placed on the lowest sills, while the upper sills are used to place plants with smaller pots. Not only that, but you can also hang it on a window, but you have to make sure that the hanger is strongly installed. And don’t choose large plants to hang, choose the small and cute plants. If you want a more unique, you can attach the plants to the window. The method is to use a clear base made of acrylic and stick it with adhesive on the window. It’s best to make sure that the adhesive is so sticky that it won’t drop your plants. Like the pictures below that present the inspiration of Flowers on Window Sills that can enhance the look of your home. Let’s see!

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