40 Incredible Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Incredible modern farmhouse bedroom decor ideas (13)

Having a small room doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dream about room design, for example the design of the farmhouse bedroom. Although the farmhouse design looks more suitable for homes in the countryside, there is nothing wrong for you who live in urban areas to apply it. The design of the farmhouse that provides tranquility and warmth can neutralize the noisy atmosphere of the city around you. The use of farmhouse-style bedrooms will indeed be found in homes with a rustic style. However, in modern times there are a lot of modern homes that use the farmhouse style bedrooms.

The design of the farmhouse-style bedroom has the goal to bring back the warm and peaceful atmosphere. However, don’t stick to white as the main color of the room, you can also choose other soft colors like yellow, light blue, or light brown. To strengthen the antique impression on the room, use furniture made from wood or bamboo as a variation. Rattan chairs and tables with a sleek shape can also beautify the room without making it narrower. You can use floral or geometric motifs on the bed cover, align the color with the color of the wall for a calmer atmosphere. Hat cowboy or fedora can be used as wall hangings decoration and strengthen the design of the farmhouse room. Another way to make farmhouse-style bedrooms is to use shiplap walls. Shiplap walls are one of the distinctive features of farmhouse designs. For those of you who don’t know, shiplap walls are wooden wall coatings that are generally patterned with lines. Choose shiplap walls with soft or firm colors. To bring up the classic accent as a characteristic of farmhouse-style room design, place a matching colored candle holder with the design of the room on the bedside table. The addition of chandeliers can also bring out the aura of antique farmhouse room designs. Let’s see the pictures below!

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