Inspiring apartment living room decorating ideas (35)
Inspiring apartment living room decorating ideas (35)

45 Inspiring Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

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As we all know that living room can be classified to be the most important public space in our home where you can invite your family and friends to enjoy the night to do some chit chat, sharing about little things, or simply having cup of coffee. To cope the comfortable needs of your living room so that it is proper enough to invite guests, you have to consider to put some proper furnitures and ornaments so that it can be both comfortable and pretty. The problem is that when you live in an apartment where you will have limitation of space so that you need to think twice to do the decoration where you have to think on how to manage your small space to be as adorable as possible.

The most crucial thing to design apartment living room is by find out the way to make it look wider, and the easiest one is by transform it into white color scheme since white is a minimalist color that has an ability to make a room look wider. Then the other way is by mapping your furnitures need and try to put as minimalist as possible for the furniture choices so that your space won’t look crowded with too much or too big furnitures. You just need to put a comfortable sofa and one coffee table. If you need space to store things, you can make storages DIY and place it under your coffee table. Then for the lighting, you may love to have faint lighting to create calm atmosphere, but if limitation space becomes your problem, then having the bright lighting is so much better than the faint. You can look at the pictures below to find the apartment living room decoration ideas. Go get it now and catch up the inspiration!

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