Creative dorm room storage organization ideas on a budget (33)
Creative dorm room storage organization ideas on a budget (33)

46 Creative Dorm Room Storage Organization Ideas On A Budget

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The dorm rooms are basically very unattractive, with cinder block walls, small beds and almost no dormitory storage. With a little planning and inspiration, you can create an amazing room with lots of dormitory storage as your personal sanctuary for learning and relaxing. This well-organized dormitory room has a storage area under the bed, a low profile shelf and many attractive colors and textures. You might not be able to paint the walls of your dorm room but you don’t have to live all year long in white or yellow. Determine what color you want to add to your dorm room decoration and work with it. Some ways to add your favorite colors to the dorm room such as changing the color of bed sheets, shelves, or storage boxes and desk or wall accessories.

A combination of texture on the floor and bed, and a clear table chair that only requires a little visual space. Pay attention to the boxes under the bed and the narrow wall shelves that add additional dormitory storage without taking up too much space. Table top shelves add extra storage to a small table. A shelf behind the bed doubles as a headrest and additional dormitory storage. The bottom shelf along the two sides of the bed creates a comfortable angle while maximizing boarding and storage organizations. Create an attractive headboard by adding a bookshelf behind your bed to store extra items. Make sure the shelf is high enough so that you don’t hit your head when you sit. Or you can avoid that by choosing a narrow book place where your bed is attacked. Another organization idea of ​​dorm rooms is to run long, low, narrow bookshelves on one side of the bed like in a pink dorm room. You can face the shelves towards you to access while in bed or facing outward, with a bookshelf attached to your bed. Use a box under the bed to store items that are rarely used.


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