49 Clever Small Kitchen Remodel Open Shelves Ideas

Clever small kitchen remodel open shelves ideas (40)

Kitchen is one of the rooms that must be there in a house. Kitchen can be likened to the heart of a house. Various activities related to food processing take place here. That is one reason why the kitchen should be well designed. The kitchen design process can’t be arbitrary, because it will affect the comfort of activities there.

In designing a kitchen, you must pay attention to the placement of some tools your kitchen needs. Don’t let you keep your device in a place that is not visible so you are difficult to get it. Especially if you are a forgetful person. That will be a big problem. Therefore, install a hanging shelf that is easy to reach when cooking, so you can get spices, food ingredients, essential kitchen utensils such as spatulas, knives, containers and cutting boards without having to take your eyes off the pan. You can choose to use the open shelves model in your beautiful kitchen. With this, you will immediately see where you store your kitchen equipment. So that it will make it easier for you to find it. For colors of open shelves, you can choose the color that you like but still adjust to the surrounding color. Because the open shelves shape, you have to really keep it clean. You can do the cleaning once a week. Don’t let an animal nest there. In addition to some functions of the open shelves, it turns out that the open shelves can also add to the aesthetics of a room. But the condition is that you have to arrange the items that are there neatly. Don’t be random. The trick is to classify several items that are made into one shelf. That will make a beautiful appearance. Like some pictures below that you can make as your inspiration in designing your beautiful kitchen. Happy to see it!

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