35 Amazing Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas

Cottage is a house that uses wood as the main feature of its decoration. The impression displayed is calm and simple. Usually, cottages are built near the beach, mountain, lake or forest so that people can enjoy the beautiful scenery, but now the use of cottages is commonplace everywhere. Classic cottage design reminds us of the warm atmosphere at Grandma’s house. For that reason, decorating cottages must be done so that the classic impression is more real there.

The characteristics of the cottage are visible from the front of the house. The basic materials for making cottages are wood and brick. So if you want your cottage more classic, you must try these 2 materials. Decorating the exterior of the cottage is actually easy. In essence, cottage must look classic when viewed from the front. For that, you can redecorate the color display from your cottage. Not only color, but doors and windows also need attention. If you want to decorate paint on the door, choose very bright colors like blue, red, and yellow but can also be added with a combination of white and gray. And for the window section, you also have to give classic calm colors like black or white. Furthermore, the presence of lanterns hanging beside the door will also add to the classic impression. It will also affect the aesthetics of a house. Not only that, but you also have to place several flower pots around the front of your house. If there is no place, you can handle it by hanging the pot in the terrace. Door knockers can also be decorative cottage doors with a vintage look. You can repaint it to get a fresher look. Here we present some pictures of Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas. Hopefully, these pictures can inspire your cottage.

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