44 Best RV Camper Van Interior Decorating Ideas

Best rv camper van interior decorating ideas (46)

For those of you who have a hobby in traveling, surely you will feel bored with the design of a car that only consists of seats. If you only travel in the close range, it won’t be a problem. But if you travel in the long distances, that will be a problem. Therefore, many people redecorating his car to be used as a vehicle and a comfortable place to live. Actually, all types of cars can be transformed into houses. One of them is a camper van.

In decorating a camper van, you have to make sure there are 4 things in there, there is the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and also the living room which can also be a family room. With the 4 places, the impression of the house becomes more numerous. In decorating a room, you must pay attention to the size of the space. If you already know the size, then you just need to think about the design that you want. Make sure that not to choose an interior that is too large, remembering that the camper van does not have the size like a house. For color selection, it lies in your want. Use the colors that you like for the camper van interior design. But I recommend white because white can make a room seem wide and clean. Making an RV actually requires substantial funds, but besides that, you will get the pride of turning a boring car into an amazing RV. To minimize the budget, you can use several interiors in your house to be moved to your RV. Don’t put a lot of interiors there. Just choose an interior that has a good function. Don’t let a lot of unnecessary interiors be there. Like some pictures below, here are some pictures of the camper van design that successfully amazed others when they saw it. Happy see it!

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