51 Minimalist Living Room Furniture Design Ideas

Minimalist living room furniture design ideas (28)

Many modern living room designs are dominated by white. Of all the walls, windows, even curtains are also white. Interior design dominated by white gives the impression of a clean and holy soul. Not only the walls, windows and coordinates are white. Modern guest interior design has a sofa design with white color complete with a place to place knock knacks such as books, or wall decorations and crafts are also white. As a complement to the sofa, to keep it comfortable, it is equipped with a pillow with matching colors or colors. The sofa complementary table is decorated with colorful flowers that add to the luxury of the homeowner’s soul. Soft carpet is the right choice for your footrest. Adding small shelves over the sofa seems to be an important thing you need to pay attention to. The place to put some decorations there makes your house more luxurious. With various colors of plastic flowers or bookshelves that are neatly arranged and some family photos make your home far from lacking.

As a pure white amplifier, you can add silver to make it look more luxurious. The choice of room lights is a luxury pendant shaped bowl as the main lamp and decoration. Optional lights are to add a pole lamp that you can adjust to adjust your family romance. Not only that, the installation of several flower pots in several corners of your living room can you make your house decoration. If there is a large window in your living room, make sure you open it every day. Choose the color of the transparent coordinate layer so you will get guessed lighting from outside the space. The red and green colors are very powerful to give the impression of living in your living room. Load dominant colors like black, white, and silver will look brilliant with the addition of some bright colors.


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