46 Most Beautiful Mid Century Modern Backyard Design Ideas

Most beautiful mid century modern backyard design ideas (35)

Having a backyard is a great advantage for us. It is such a free space that allows us to do some activities there. Gardening, having parties, and making a playground are the examples of activities done in the backyard. Though it lies in the back of our house, the setting and maintenance should be considered since it supports the whole parts of our house.

One of a modern backyard concept is adopting mid century style. To make the connection between indoor and outdoor, we can apply a good idea of making see-through wall. By using glass to make it, we will get the impression of larger space and brighter room. Then, make a patio living and put some furniture made from aluminium or plastic. Thus, this spot can be the area to do relaxing, recreation, and entertaining. Put a seat set in this spot and install some lamps to support lighting aspect at night. Plant some low maintenance shrubs will be the other idea to beautify our backyard. The shrubs which are easily set and maintained allow us to set them to be a natural fence of the backyard. This idea will be cheaper than making fence from any material. Moreover, it also has an aesthetic value then. But, we have to do cleaning and cutting routinely. Besides, making fence for safety reason is possible. The fence is usually made from wood since it is easy for us to determine the model. In addition, applying natural stones is perfectly help us to set natural look for our backyard. Mid century modern backyard design which applies stones means adds an organic element to low-maintenance landscapes. The backyard of mid-century style does not allow flowery landscape. Some people stated that this style was not an era of plantaholics and gardening enthusiasts. Well, to make some illustration of mid-century modern backyard, just scroll down this page and find which one you will adopt. Enjoy!


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