Creative small apartment balcony decorating ideas on a budget (16)
Creative small apartment balcony decorating ideas on a budget (16)

42 Creative Small Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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One of the functions of a balcony is to beautify the wall. It also optimizes the space of small room upstairs. A balcony adds a value for a home design and makes a certain character for the house. We can creatively give touches for our balcony so that it will be more stunning though the space is not too large.

A balcony is possible to be magically decorated into an interesting spot for us to enjoy spare time and view near our house from the second or more floors. We can make a desired balcony design as cozy as possible. There are some activities done in the balcony like reading books, having dinner, receiving guests, and so on. Thus, to make those who come to the balcony get impressed, we have to make it as exciting spot. First, put a seat set like sofa or a wooden table and chairs as we want. We can choose those which have unique shape. A rattan seat set will make the look of our balcony more unique. Complete with some pillows with eye-catching colors or pattern to live up the nuance. Second, give a touch by installing twinkle lamps, light bulbs, or candles in chandeliers so that if we are having a dinner at night, they can create a romantic ambiance. The idea of installing customized lanterns get our balcony more dramatic at night as well. As a spot for enjoying spare time and getting relaxed, we may hang a hammock. It makes us spend more time in the balcony, such as by reading or taking a rest. Then, give natural and floral touch by putting some flowers in pots or vines. We are possible to put a rug if our balcony space is quite large. Moreover, we may make our balcony gets more fancy by playing with colorful decoration. On the other hands, choosing only one or two dominant colors is fine, for example combine white and black as monochrome. Then, add a useful small table to place some framed photos, a flower vase, or chandeliers is possible. We can put this table on the corner. Well, as there are many creative ideas to decorate our balcony, we can look at these picture below as the references. Let’s scrool down!


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