45 Elegant Toy Storage Best Ideas

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Elegant toy storage best ideas 35

Having children means you are ready to have a lot of hassles. Starting from the willingness of children to buy many toys, how they make their toys messy, and how to store their toys. As smart parents, surely you should have some tricky ideas to make storages for your children’s toys.

Don’t be worried of having a messy room because of your children’s toys. There are some tricks to make storages in your children’s room or play ground. Making storages is aim at making tidier room. Some people think that making toys storage is adding new items for the room. But, what about those whose room is small? Do they have to add new items? Let’s begin the first trick. Use wicker baskets to store some toys. These baskets can have two functions, as storages and aesthetical items since they are unique and practical. The second trick is dedicated for those whose room is minimalist yet small. Built in shelves are very interesting idea to save the room space. They can be used as book shelves, or a place to hold tiny toys. Third, use open shelves to ease of putting, taking, and looking for the toys. Bit, you have to consider that opening shelves cannot be separated from the fact that they easily get dirty. Then, make floating shelves is another idea of saving space. These shelves are not only be used as toys storage but also book storage. A special tricky ladder up is an impressive yet creative design of toys storage. Just rest a ladder against the wall and it can be the alternative toys storage you may love. Play with colors since children at their ages love colorful playground. They will enjoy their play ground at home if you provide a cozy yet elegant play ground. You can also ask for your children what color they love the most to be the dominant color of their storages. Children will enjoy play and tidy up their toys if they are dealing with their favorite colors. Here are some pictures of tricky ideas of making toys storage. Check them out!


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