Catchy breeze block ideas beautiful home style 42
Catchy breeze block ideas beautiful home style 42

42 Catchy Breeze Block Ideas for Beautiful Home Style

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Breeze blocks have a function that is very important for the health of people who live at home. Breeze block functions as an air circulation channel from outside into the house. This air circulation aims to create clean air and at the same time it keeps moisture in the house so it is not too humid. Houses that don’t have a good ventilation system can increase the risk of respiratory infections and increasing spread of infectious diseases. So that in building a new house it is necessary to plan natural lighting and good air ventilation.

Now, there are many Breeze block models that can be chosen for home decoration. For that, you must pay attention to several things. The first is the form or model. With so many models, this makes the breeze block not only serves as air circulation but can also be a wall decoration that can make your home look more elegant and beautiful. So, you should choose it that can add to the beauty of the house. In addition to various forms, Breeze Block is also made of various materials such as wood, iron, concrete, stainless, etc. Your job is to adapt the material to the theme of your home design. Then the last is size. For the size depends on the size of the room. For a minimalist house that isn’t too wide, we can use a small size of breeze block. The choice of model and size that precisely reflects the personality and uniqueness of your home. For the paint color, you can choose the color that suits to you. The most important thing is to choose the type of paint that is waterproof, durable and also in accordance with the breeze block making material. Below we present some pictures of Breeze Block Ideas that can be your inspiration. Let’s see!

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