Adorable industrial floor lamp ideas for living room 39
Adorable industrial floor lamp ideas for living room 39

48 Adorable Industrial Floor Lamp Ideas for Living Room

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Living room tend to require three types of lighting ideas: accent, task and ambient (overhead). It is because living room is not only a place to read but also to do a movie marathons and intense competitive board games. Therefore, floor lamp is needed in your living room to support certain activities like reading. Not only helping you read but floor lamp also may become as your decoration through the concept of your living room.

Simple design often be the most suitable option in a modern living room, so go all out on dramatic shapes and unusual fixtures. Make a statement by using wooden tripod lamp or pendant light in your mid-century modern design is worth to try. Playing around with the material and color will help you make the room more adorable. These industrial floor lamp ideas will lead you to a fancy living room.


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