43 Stunning Industrial Wall Wine Rack Designs Ideas

Stunning industrial wall wine rack designs ideas 42

Having a house with various wall decorations is certainly everyone’s dream. The wallpaper is mounted as a layer of the wall and also the various photo frames they attach there. But if you want something unique and different, it might be possible if you make a wine rack attached to the wall. In addition to providing security for wine, this will also beautify the house with unique decorations. You need to do research and look for some other options and styles. You can also consider something on a larger scale if you have space. Maybe you can turn your room into your own wine cellar. The possibilities are almost endless.

If space is limited, consider a wine rack mounted on the wall. This method is very simple and versatile and can have up to 12 bottles of wine. It has a groove where the bottle is inserted into the first neck, held horizontally and forms a pretty cool statue. This particular model is made of sapless, maple and wedge and is attached to the wall using two screws. But a small wine rack with space for only one wine box is not enough when you are a serious collector. If that is the case then you might want to consider creating a number of special shelves where you can store and display your wine collection. Don’t make it too fancy. Just make sure the conditions are right. It would be better to add some built-in lighting so you can easily see each bottle without disturbing it. But wine racks are not meant only as functional storage. Often they are duplicated as decorations and carved features for the room they occupy. This design is a perfect example. It looks beautiful even when there are no bottles stored in it. In addition, the design is flexible enough to fit in corners and in various spaces and decorations. Similarly, this small wine rack and saving space while also looking very stylish. The bottles are displayed on the skin loop, at two levels making a total of six. The sleek metal frame has a beautiful antique-industrial touch that gives the shelf a special and elegant appearance. Another possibility is to choose a multi functional accent that can function well as a wine rack and side table. The idea behind the last two designs is very simple. They have a strong and heavy top and a matching bottom and the body of the side table has pockets, each designed to hold a bottle of wine. The design is comfortable, practical and quite clever.


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