43 Creative DIY Tall Pots Planters Ideas For Modern Garden

Creative diy tall pots planters ideas for modern garden 17

Having a garden is beneficial. With the garden, we can feel the fresh air from the plants there. Not only that the garden also makes the eyes look fresher with the green color that appears there. Therefore, you also have to decorate your garden into a garden that has a good view.

When you want to plant some plants or flowers in the garden, you definitely need a pot. Choosing pot for plants should not be arbitrary. You must be adapted to the type of plant, pot material and others. When choosing a pot, you also have to adjust the shape of the pot to the size of the plant. Pot that has a half ball shape, suitable for planting plants with fiber roots. While the tall pot shape is suitable for planting tap root plants. Now, tall pot is something that people are interested in. This pot is considered to be able to beautify the appearance of plants and with a high size, it can attract the attention of people who come. Each type of pot certainly has advantages and disadvantages. Such as porcelain pots that have the impression of luxury but are expensive, clay pots material that have many variations but easily cracked and broken, plastic pots that have many colors and cheap prices but do not have pores, so that the temperature in the pot is fast rising when the temperature is hot, cement pots are durable but the material is very heavy, wood pots that are durable and strong but easily weathered and eaten by termites and many more. With the various types of pots, you must choose the pot that matches with your garden. Let’s look at some examples of parks with tall pots that can be your inspiration in planting plants in the garden. Hopefully it will give benefit. Good luck!

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