45 Cute Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

Cute small teen bedroom ideas 43

When you have a teenage kids, it may will be troublesome for you to design the bedrooms especially if you have limitation on the space. Things that will screw you up when dealing with your teenage bedrooms is that your kid has had their own desire and ego that can not be opposed or they will be resentful. The key when you are going to design your teenage bedrooms is to find out their favorite thing that could be on their favorite color, idol, hobbies, and passion. You could bring all of those things into the room and we do guarantee that your kids will never resist the room that you have designed.

Related to the limitation of the space, you can outsmart the furniture to save spaces. The easiest way is by choosing the bed that has a pit, then provide some extra storages to be placed in the pit. You can store your teenage kids’ stuff like shoes, their hobbies stuff, school appliances, and other things that may neglected in the room so that everything will look neat and tidy. For the table, you can manage to have the study desk that has drawer and book shelf so that it will be efficient and doesn’t need other space for the book shelf. For the lighting, instead of having table lamp, better for you to choose standing lamp so that you don’t need any table anymore beside the bed. Don’t forget with the wall color, your kids may love some bold colors, but it is better for you to pick the pastel shade as it has the calm effect. We all know that colors can give different mood effect so that bedroom wall color is really important to build the mood of the owner. For the room arrangement, we will explain on the pictures below which are the gorgeous one that we can find. Please check these out and get the ideas!

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