41 Gorgeous Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Cozy dark blue kitchen cabinets 14

For some people, using blue color for the kitchen may sound strange and it is hard to see kitchen with blue color just because it is not something common in our society. Normally, blue is used as the color of the wall, but trust me that with the right way, you can even bring a peaceful feeling into your kitchen with this blue accents. As we all know that the color of blue has many things that could be deliver like the feeling of peace, relaxation, expansiveness, grandness and quite. Moreover, blue color also known to be a stress reliever color, so that since kitchen is the heart of your house, then trying to apply blue shade for the color of your kitchen is quite worthy even it may looks quirky at first.

For the application, you can use the blue color for your kitchen cabinet. You can combine it with other neutral colors but the dark color will give stronger impression. The first gorgeous combination when you have a spacious kitchen will be black and navy blue kitchen cabinet that is the perfect shade to have in a large kitchen because you will be able to see that this color stands out. Also, it can bring out cozy, warmth and welcoming ambience into your home that helps you balance out the heat and light of your kitchen. Beside the black color, you can also have grey color that is softer than black. It is suitable for you who love something stand out yet calm at the same time. Anyway, the use of the dark blue cabinet won’t be that perfect if you don’t create a harmony with the kitchen style where the gorgeous kitchen cabinet is the one that can blend beautifully with the decoration around the kitchen. For your advices, the kitchen style that will match well with dark blue color are the island kitchen style, rustic, egyptian, country, minimalist, and modern kitchen style. For the detail application of the design and decoration, you can look at the galery below. We have prepared some of the most gorgeous dark blue kitchen cabinets that have good harmony with the kitchen design and decoration. Enjoy!

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