44 Adorable Brick House Exterior Makeover

Adorable brick house exterior makeover 43

Today, both interior and exterior designs have developed a lot. Not only in modern high-rise homes but also in some unique homes. For example this one brick house. There are so many residential ideas that are currently developing, one of which is unique housing which is mostly located in the middle of a large yard and full of green inputs. Although it is known as a conventional material and is “old”, it turns out that brick is increasingly being admired by many people. There are those who apply it all over the wall, but there are also those who use it only as an accent in one corner of the interior or exterior of the house. Interestingly, these bricks are suitable to be applied with any design concept, both modern, minimalist, industrial, or traditional. So even with the appearance, some are exposed directly or some are painted to beautify the shape of the brick and harmonize the color of the space. The soothing appearance of the park will be more attractive with the presence of brick walls. The exposed red brick reinforces the tropical impression of this park. Enough to add brick on one wall only, able to create a soothing tropical garden.

However, choosing a brick requires great consideration to fit the style and decoration of the building. Because brick is a building material that is durable and once installed it will be used for a long time. Finding the right brick for a building usually adjusts to the design, type of house and personal preferences of the owner or contractor. Other types of bricks that are often used on the exterior of the building are antique bricks or file bricks reclaimed from old buildings that have been torn down and cleaned of cement mortar. This style is indeed less suitable for adding the exterior value of modern buildings, but is usually used if the exterior of the building has survived around 50 years or more. File bricks usually have angles that are less sharp than new bricks and the surface is more textured. Most of the bricks sold today are facade bricks. The most common bricks are usually red. However, that does not mean there are no other colored bricks, because now there are bricks whose colors are rather dark to slightly bright, depending on the level of brown, red and yellow. The color of the brick depends on clay and other components used to make bricks.


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