43 Cozy Cute Pink Bedroom Design Decor Ideas for Kids

Cozy cute pink bedroom design decor ideasfor kids 37


Activity with children is definitely one of the most fun activities for parents. One activity that can be done is to decorate a child’s room. Not only can it become a medium of interaction that makes the relationship between children and parents more intimate, this activity will also be fun, because we can exchange ideas with the child. The first inspiration for the first girl’s room looks adorable with cool soft pink colors. It was also seen that the girls’ room decor was dominated by classic and girly feminine themes. Starting from the low soft mattress to fit the child’s height, to the corner of the room with the child’s drawer as a place to put the beloved daughter’s toys. Even though it looks magnificent, this girl’s room decor is actually quite simple. Simply add a photo frame on the wall, a stylish cabinet, a beautiful mirror and matching table lamps. Custom decoration in the form of a royal hat is a different touch that gives rise to a royal aura that stands out.

Decoration of Walls and Ceilings of a Princess Room for Girls. The inspiration of this girl’s room shifts the focus from the size of the room which is not too large in very smart ways. The addition of chandeliers and wall decorations from various directions is a good way to maximize the advantages of a girl’s room. In addition to placing furniture in the form of a simple pair of beds, there is a large cabinet that looks luxurious and serves as an effective storage rack. Realistically, not all parents who want decorations that are too fantasy or royal are difficult to apply. However, with a touch of mosquito nets and warm color games, girls’ rooms can still get attention like a beautiful royal princess.



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