47 Modern Bathrooms With Clawfoot Tubs

Modern bathrooms with clawfoot tubs 39

Often, the size of space is limited so the obstacles of the house look beautiful, including in the core room such as the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. One room that is often a scourge in interior design is the design of a minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2 which is quite difficult due to space constraints. Bathtubs for smaller bathrooms are perfect for you, whether your house is in a small apartment. They can also be used to help free up space in larger bathrooms. Bathtubs of all types are heavy. Although only a narrow size, a minimalist bathroom measuring 1 x 2 meters according to the above inspiration can be occupied with a variety of main equipment that is all functional. Of course the main focus is on a bathtub that is no more than 1 meter in a 1 x 2 size minimalist bathroom. Having a mini-sized bathtub modeled on a toilet seat attached to the wall, this design is very effective to save space in your minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom.

With the concept of being close to nature, this minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2 uses bulkhead stone walls to separate wet and dry areas. The floor also looks marked with well-arranged natural stones. Not to forget the sink uses material with natural colors plus white lighting that blends with the warm colors of wood. Even though it is small, this minimalist 1 x 2 size bathroom makes you feel at home for a long time bathing. Replacing a rectangular bathtub into a vintage bathtub model also saves more space, so that a minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom looks more comfortable. The overall minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2 actually looks better than the hanging sink which is economical in the previous place. Putting a minimalist decor on a minimalist bathroom size of 1 x 2 can also be better than you are good at choosing items, you know! For example, put a mini plant near the bathroom window or sink, putting your favorite wall decoration on is also good.


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