Impressive glass ceiling indoor design inspiration ideas 38
Impressive glass ceiling indoor design inspiration ideas 38

44 Impressive Indoor Glass Ceiling Design Ideas

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Nowadays the use of glass ceiling is much favored by peoples. Some reasons are the appearance is so modern and can save the use of lights during the day because sunlight can penetrate directly. Not only that, with a glass ceiling you can enjoy the beautiful clouds in the daytime, and stars at night. Therefore, glass ceiling is something that is liked by many people.

Decorating a house with a glass ceiling isn’t too difficult. Usually, the place that uses a glass ceiling is the garage, gazebo, sunroom, and some areas of the house that are not too privacy like the kitchen or drying area. For those of you who want to make a transparent roof, you also have to pay attention to the material that you will use. Good material is the solartuff, polycarbonate and glass. The use of a glass ceiling can provide its advantages for residents of the house. As explained earlier, a glass ceiling can create a more modern and futuristic impression. People of the house can also save the lights during the day because sunlight can penetrate the roof. For those who place plants indoors, a glass ceiling can maintain the survival of the plant. Overall, a glass ceiling needs to be cleaned regularly from sticking dust. Thus it does not look dull. If you are interested in using a glass ceiling, you should provide a special coating so that the surface is not easily renewed dust or gravel. Also, choose laminated glass to prevent the fragments from scattering when it is hit by a heavy object. You have to remember to make sure the roof is properly installed and strong so that there will be no breakdown there. Below we present some pictures about the indoor glass ceiling design that you can try to create in your home. Good luck!

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