48 Beautiful Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Beautiful attic bathroom design ideas 35

A bathroom is a place that can’t be separated from a house. It means that the house must have a bathroom. There is even an expression that the bathroom is where we start our lives every morning. And that isn’t excessive because indeed the first place we visit when we wake up from sleep is the bathroom, whether to just wash our face or take a bath.

Because bathroom is an important place, decorating a bathroom is very necessary. Today, there are many creative people using attics as their bathroom. Attic is usually only used as a place to store goods or warehouses. But now you can turn it into a bathroom. The need to be considered in making the bathroom in the attic is access to get there. Ensure that the stairs are securely and securely installed. Next, make a window there. Because the attic directly faces the sun, then there must be heat. So you have to make a window that can help air get in there. Not only that, but the window will also help light enter the room so there will be bright and not dark. Because the attic isn’t large, you have to be smart in designing your bathroom so it doesn’t seem cramped. The trick is, choose the interior that is only needed and choose that isn’t too large. To save space, you can make a hanging rack to place items for your needs. For the color, you can choose whatever that you want. But we recommend using white because white gives the impression of being clean and the room looks spacious. Whatever the design of the bathroom, the most important thing is clean and comfortable. So don’t forget to always keep clean by cleaning the bathroom twice a week. And make sure that your bathroom smells so that when you go to the bathroom you will feel comfortable. Let see the pictures of attic bathroom below.

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