50 Modern Spiral Stairs Design Ideas That Will Make Amazed

Modern spiral stairs design ideas that will make amazed 44

Home has such a big meaning, not only as an inanimate object, but the home also become the best place to go back when someone feels that the days are hard, feels disappointed and sad, feels lonely, the home is always the warmest place to return. Because the meaning is very deep, you also have to make it become special by designing your home to be the best home.

One way to design a good home is to design the stairs. In the stairs model, which is often used are straight models, L models, and U models. Even though, there is one model that is widely used, namely the spiral model. Spiral stairs have a beautiful and impressive shape. The elegant circular shape gives own uniqueness in the building. Space used in installing spiral staircases is also less than using regular stairs. In addition to saving land use, the use of spiral staircases also gives the impression of a more artistic, modern, and unique home. Spiral stairs with wood materials are certainly much cheaper compared to spiral stairs with iron material. The use of spiral stairs with wood material is very suitable if placed in the room. You can use a variety of wood types such as cherry wood, oak, walnuts, mahogany and other wood. Actually, spiral stairs don’t have to be made of just one material. But it can also be made of two or more different materials. Some examples of mixed stairs are made from a combination of iron, concrete, wood, and even glass. Glass is not used as a foothold. Glass is used as a stairs handle. With this kind of handle, the room will feel wider. The combination of iron and wood is also interesting. This combination seems to be the perfect blend of strength and softness. Below we present some pictures of spiral stairs design that can be your inspiration. Hopefully Useful!

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