50 Gorgeous Small Bathroom Vanities Design Ideas

Gorgeous small bathroom vanities design ideas 26

Basically vanity is quite more effective for bathroom where it is a combination of sink and storage as one total structural fixture which is unlike the bathroom cabinets that are topped with a separate sink. If you have a small bathroom, you may think that it is almost impossible to have a proper bathroom vanity because of space limitation. Since it is an important part of a bathroom, then how narrow your bathroom is, there must be something that you can do keep the vanity existance for your bathroom. The good news is that there are so many bathroom vanity exist at the store that will be proper and gorgeous enough for your bathroom.

Vanities have range of various styles that can be correspond with your bathroom style that include classic, contemporary, rustic, modern, and more. For the small bathroom, modern wall mounted single bathroom vanities are simple solutions for a small single bathroom which can serve enough space to accommodate one person comfortably at a time, a single wall mounted vanity is an efficient and attractive solution for bathroom storage. Moreover, to make your small bathroom looks wider, placing a vanity in the corner will takes advantage for you. Talking about the best small bathroom vanities will be those that are both attractive and hardworking. A light-color freestanding cabinet with mirrored doors is a great example for you to copy. The mirrors bounce light around a room to visually expand the space. With a mix of behind doors and open shelves, the piece also allows plenty of room for storing towels. We will show you another examples of the gorgeous small bathroom vanities for your inspiration. Go check these out and be inspired!

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