51 Gorgeous Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas

Gorgeous cottage house exterior design ideas 39

Designing and decorating the exterior of your cottage will make your cottage has a lovely space impression even at the first sight of your front outdoor part where you can even enjoy the atmosphere just before you step on inside. As we all know that people are commonly judging only from the outside so that it is important to build a good impression to make people in awe when walk by in front of your cottage. Anyway, just like another houses, you can design it in some styles that are suitable with your taste and personality or even your budget.

For the warm impression, you can choose traditional cottage style accents. Here, little details can make the difference on enhancing curb appeal for cottage-style homes. You can start with the wooden picket fence that is painted in white to accent the home’s creamy neutral color. Use bricks to keep your walkway casual, also do the simple front porch railing and rocking chairs. An equal mix of traditional-style house and quaint cottage will be also awesome. This classic home has its beauty from the restrained front yard landscape that accents its powerful symmetry. Matching window boxes soften the low hedge border, while the inset pavers add a more casual element to the otherwise staid palette and details. Moreover, a screened-in porch can be one of the signature details of a cottage, with the extra details on this space that make it all more charming. Those include a definite color contrast to the pastel exterior, a pretty patterned walkway that will keeps the vibe casual and welcoming. The pictures below may will give you some inspirations in designing your cottage exterior. Please enjoy and get the ideas!

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