53 Wonderful French Country Living Room Decoration Ideas

A french interior can also be a country inspired one, but for today we’ve concentrated on the elegant and neo-classical style, which could always draw lots of attention. Large padded cushions in a color designed to coordinate with the remainder of the furniture is almost always a fantastic option, though some people today prefer to be bolder and elect for colors that are opposites. If you prefer something a bit fancier for your living space, take a look at the more sophisticated versions of French country furniture.

Wonderful french country living room decoration ideas 49

A living room represents the house owner characters. The setting, the chosen furniture, and the ornaments must be well set since they will create an impression for guests who come to our house. As the whole house concept, a living room brings its own concept. It is French Country concept that brings effortlessly chic in all the right ways.

If we want to make or upgrade a living room concept, this French Country may be the best idea. Bright colors seem to be the point of this idea. It can be applied for sofa, curtain, wall paint, and the ornaments. The idea of using a rug is mostly found in French Country style. It adds the warmth ambiance for our living room. Some people like to use rugs from Morocco which offers their luxury and perfect design. French Country style allows us to choose one dominant color for our living room. Let’s take an example of dominant blue pallet color which is beautifully decorated. Blue pallet gives luxury style to the living room with its brighter touch. It can be followed by completing this blue living room with arm chairs and wooden table. On the other hands, a living room has a function of a place where a number of the family spend the time together. So, we need to consider choosing right and appropriate furniture to decorate it. French Country style has some special furniture as its character. Chandelier and lamps becomes the ornaments mostly seen in this style. A pendant light is one of the examples of commonly used lamps for this style. In addition, put some ceramics pots can create the impression of classy living room that we can try. It is possible for us to use wall papers since they can be replaced if we want to upgrade our wall. To give more inspiration about French Country living room, check these pictures below! Hope you like it!


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