53 Cozy Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Cozy modern farmhouse dining room decorating ideas 09

In this modern life where everything look rigid on its minimalism, some of you may crave for something more calm, warm, and welcoming. However, not all of you brave enough to decide having a whole rustic nuance for the decoration as you don’t want to look out of style. Here, thing that you can do to deal with that problem is combining the modern and rustic designs to achieve a cool decoration yet warm and welcoming at the same time. Basically you can apply this kind of decoration into any room of your house, but it would be perfect for the dining room where you need that kind of warm and welcoming ambience so that you can have a great moment with your family during your meal time.

If you are asking on how to combine those two styles into your dining room, then we will explain you some. The most focal point on a rustic dining room is its dining table that is made in a big size and the chairs are enough for your whole big family. It is made of wooden material, but in order you want to give a modern touch, then you can paint it in some neutral modern colors like black, grey, or in monochrome color. Do the same thing with the chairs. Arrange your centrepiece with some rustic things like classic candle holder, wooden or rattan fruits basket, wreath that made of foliage, twig, grain, and any other materials that come from the nature. To add the modern touch, you can install the lighting in modern look with industrial or minimalist style. These two combination style of dining room is a great choice that you ever take. Check out the pictures below to give you some more inspiration and go ahead prepare your plan of your own modern rustic dining room decoration. Happy decorating!

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