51 Romantic Rustic Winter Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Romantic rustic winter wedding table decoration ideas 10

As one of the popular wedding theme, rustic brings simplicity, elegance, and uniqueness. Though this theme tends to be new, but now there are brides and grooms who like to have this theme as their wedding theme concept. Rustic wedding party sometimes becomes more perfect if it is held outdoor, so natural decoration totally supports a rustic theme.

Rustic wedding table will perfectly go together with cozy centerpieces. Let’s begin with making a table for food and drinks. It can be made from a piece of wood and decorated it with garland and ribbon. We can choose colors closed to rustic theme like beige, white, silver, and grey. This table can be placed on some corners which is accessible for the guests. Besides, table guests also need to be decorated well. As rustic theme is applied, we can use wooden tables. Candles in chandeliers are good idea to decorate this rustic tables. If the wedding party is held at night, the candles make the event more dramatic and romantic. Moreover, the idea of placing lots flowers, dried leaves or branches, or green leaves are parts of rustic theme. We may put some centerpieces made from bunch of flowers like white roses and green leaves. A cozy and beautiful wedding tables will make the guests get so impressed. A wooden wedding table for the bride and groom with rustic theme is interesting to be decorated with flowers, candles. This wedding table does not need to be full decorated since the wedding cake will be placed on this table.¬†Centerpieces don’t have to be complicated. Mason jars can simply help us as the container of the flowers. Rustic wedding tables will be matched with wooden chairs. Then, skipping tablecloths allows the natural look of the table. This idea makes rustic theme stronger than ever. Now, we present some pictures of rustic wedding tables you can try. Enjoy!



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