50 Adorable Diy Halloween Wreaths Design Ideas

Adorable diy halloween wreaths design ideas 44

Decorating house in Halloween becomes a tradition and habit for some people. They are happy to welcome Halloween since they can express their creativity to make any decoration for their house. Though Halloween is popular with spooky themes, but in making a decoration we can make adorable yet unique decoration.

There are many ornaments of Halloween we can find in shops, but it will be a great idea for us yo make it by ourselves. We just need our creativity and passion to decorate ornaments we want. One of the ornaments is Halloween wreaths. Wreaths help us to beautify our house, whether it is wall or doors. Just by hanging them on we can express the theme of Halloween. First, we select the main theme of our wreath, for example, skeletons or mummy. What we need are glue gun, black ribbon, skeletons, and flowers. Then, just arrange them around with glue gun. Second, if we find woodbinds, we can simply use it. Paint the woodbinds with black or silver paint, then decorate it with little cute ghosts made from flannel. It is possible to add scary quotes like “Ghosts are here”. Add the orange ribbon to balance the color. Next, if we like dominant color like black and white, what we need to have are black feathers, white skeletons, and black ribbon. Arrange the white skeletons around the black feathers. Then add black ribbon and googly eyes with glue gun. Another idea to make an adorable cute Halloween wreath is by using little pumpkins. Since pumpkins have eye-catching color, they are durable as well to be made as ornamnets. Carve the pumpkins into scary faces and arrange them using dried leaves. To balance the color, add green ribbon and silver ribbon. Another interesting idea is witchy wreath. It is made just by putting witch’s accessories like hat and shoes. Make them from black flannel and make the wreath by adding some dried branch of tree. Well, to get some inspirations, we provide some creative DIY of Halloween wreath below. Check these out! Happy Halloween, everybody!


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