Perfect cottage exterior colors schemes ideas 46
Perfect cottage exterior colors schemes ideas 46

51 Perfect Cottage Exterior Colors Schemes Ideas

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Relax on the cottage terrace with a green atmosphere, while reading novels and telling stories with your beloved mate are everyone wants. The cottages use wood and brick as the main features of the decoration. So the impression is calm, warm and simple. Therefore, the right cottage decor will add to the privilege and comfort of a residence. If you have decorated the interior of the house, don’t forget to design the exterior too.

The most visible exterior elements of cottage buildings are doors and windows. If your old door looks worn and boring, one of the reason is that the paint has been peeling or has faded over time. So, to present a new style door, you can try to change the paint. It is recommended to use red, then combined with classic and traditional color schemes such as white exterior paint and equipped with black windows. The two-door window is the best applied to bring the feel of the cottage. The unique shape is able to display a simple impression and can be combined with any style. Choose some accessories that are able to highlight and reinforce the aesthetics of the cottage. Door knocker is one of the features on the door to make it easier for guests to knock on the door. Door knockers can be a decorative element in cottage doors with a vintage look. Floral wreath or round flower arrangements can also be presented on the door as details or accessories that support the theme of cottage design. Choose the type of flower that has the color that matches with the door color. Don’t forget to make a garden with a variety of plants and flowers in front of the cottages, because the presence of the garden will make the cottage atmosphere more fresh. Below we present some pictures of Cottage Exterior Colors Schemes that can be your inspiration. Hopefully Useful!

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