Wonderful cottage house exterior ideas 48
Wonderful cottage house exterior ideas 48

52 Wonderful Cottage House Exterior Ideas

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Cottages are small dwellings to be occupied by families. Cottages are similar to villas, but usually in the form of separate and simple huts or small houses. The location is also usually in areas near beaches and lakes that rely on natural scenery. These cottages are usually also rented out to families and equipped with various recreational facilities.

If you have own cottage, there’s nothing wrong if you decorate it to be more beautiful. The Guests who coming to your cottage will pay attention to the front of the building. So, decorating the room doesn’t just focus on the interior, but the exterior is also necessary. Actually, cottages use wood as the main feature of their decorations. The impression displayed is calm and simple, but it is indeed synonymous with a touch that is a little feminine. To decorate the exterior appearance is easy and you don’t need a long time. Talking about the exterior, windows and doors is the most important thing. To decorate, complete them with platinum elements on the windows and doors. You can find platinum elements in antique stores. To color cottage doors, you can combine bright colors with gray or white, while for the windows, you can use soft classic colors like white or black. And as a sweetener, you can place a variety of colorful fresh flowers that you can plant in front of your entrance or you can also hang them there. If during the rainy season, you can place a basket. The basket is a special basket for laying out umbrellas, and put it next to the outside door. The additional lantern next to the door of the house will also add beauty from your cottage. Look at some pictures of cottages below that can be your inspiration.

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