49 Delight Contemporary Dark Wood Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If a bathroom remodel isn’t possible before selling your house, attempt to minimize dated tile by deciding on a complimentary wall color. Identical to the nation and conventional bogs, forged iron baths are crucial. Vinyl peel-and-stick tiles are easy to install and they’re very low in cost in contrast to conventional flooring.

Delight contemporary dark wood bathroom vanity ideas 45

Are you dreaming of having an elegant bathroom? What about a wooden bathroom style? Some people might think that giving wooden elements for their bathroom is impossible. Some also think it is hard to do. But, in this article we will discuss more about this classy style. Follow us!

If having a gorgeous bathroom is your dream, it does not mean that you have to put expensive and complicated elements in your bathroom. As a common bathroom, the elements like a bath tub, sink, shower, shelves, and mirror are important. Have you ever imagined those kind of elements combined with wooden material? Can this idea go well together? The answer is yes. Wooden touches for your bathroom is such an interesting idea actually. Basically, wood must be solid. There are some examples of wood used to decorate a bathroom, like cedaralgarobbo or lapacho. These kind of woods become the most commonly chosen since they are from tropical area and they are friendly adaptable with humidity. Besides, they are also perfect to make a timeless bathroom concept as they are durable. Wooden designs sometimes are applied for the wall, floor, ceiling, or the ornaments like shelves, mirrors, and some additional elements. There are many bathroom concept with full wooden elements in it. It does not mean that your bathroom will look totally classic, but it will look amazing and elegant. For example, put shelves or cabinet made from high quality wood as we mentioned before and find out mirrors with wooden frames. To make your wooden bathroom concept more beautiful, you can add some lamps as the artistic points to avoid the dark impression. Remember that the ventilation and lighting aspect also need to concern.well, check these pictures below to get more inspiration in designing a wooden bathroom concept. Enjoy!


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